Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wild Wild West (1999)

‘Wild Wild West’ is a very poor excuse for a film and has proved to be the biggest mistake in Will Smith’s career.

Coming off the success of ‘Independence Day’ and ‘Men In Black’, Smith was a sure-fire box office draw, and he was paid big bucks for a starring role in Wild Wild West, a movie that many studio execs believed would be a huge success, little did they know.

In the film, Will Smith’s trademark charm is lost in a sea of cringe-worthy jokes, each one growing progressively worse. Not even an actor as comical and talented as Will Smith could carry such a cheesy and mediocre script, especially not all by himself.

It is simply painful to watch this movie, everything from the unrealistic action to the unfunny jokes are an insult to the intelligence of the average film goer, and an embarrassment to the actors, especially Smith, who should have listened to his common sense when asked to do this movie, as opposed to his wallet.

‘Wild Wild West’ was a film made for the sole purpose of exploiting Will Smith’s newfound fame, but ultimately failed in doing so when the film unsurprisingly bombed. Perhaps Will Smith thought that by doing the movie, he would give his fans what they wanted. Perhaps he didn’t know how horrible a movie would result in his ignorance.

The only positive aspect of WWW was the fact that it acted as the turning point in Smith’s career, the point where he realized that playing the same character in all of his films simply wouldn’t be accepted by the audiences anymore after failing to carry this garbage film. In a way, it was his first step towards legitimacy. Unfortunately, it came at the price of exposing movie-goers to a horrible film full of lame action and lamer jokes.

Avoid Wild Wild West like the plague.


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