Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sick Animation- Sex Drugs and Rock n' LOL music review

In an era dominated by political correctness, where American culture has been rinsed out and squeezed dry like a dirty washcloth, true, no-holds-barred and independently produced comedy, unrestrained by pressure to appeal to a broad audience, can be truly refreshing to those seeking something different. Sick Animation’s new album, ‘Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ LOL’, offers just that, an escape from the sterile and edgeless humor of our time. The lyrics are awash with one obscenity after the next, referencing almost every sexual taboo known to the western world, all the while retaining a sharp wit and a playful demeanor, even when shouting ‘You a Dike Ho! Now get the fuck off of my porch.’ It’s offensive, and it’s utterly wrong, but it’s all in good fun.

On the cover of the album is a drawing of the mustachioed creator and mastermind behind the album, Marc M, who has gained a cult following on the internet with his cartoon animations and comics. He released his first album, ‘The Ultimate party Collection Vol. 1’ a couple years ago. While the album contained some of his best material to date, highlights being the smooth ‘When I Lay You Down’ and the thigh-moistening ‘Black History Month’, with over 40 songs, it was hardly consistent.

‘Sex, Drugs, Rock n’ LOL’, on the other hand, is leaner, with only 18 tracks (including four skits), and all together more satisfying, in a narrower sense. What is truly spectacular about the record is its level of musical competence. One only has to listen to the infectiously hummable chorus to ‘Summer Rain’ or to the catchy vocal harmonies on ‘Put it on the Table’ to realize the true quality of the songwriting. Elsewhere, Marc M. recreates the magical flow found on ‘When I Lay You Down’ on the brilliant ‘This Slut’. With such reckless and taboo lyrics as ‘Osama got pissed off, cause I fucked his bitch with my infidel dick on soft’, and with a heavy and melodic chorus, the track is a true gem in the world of comedy.

Sick Animation is an underground hero in American comedy. This independently produced record, although crude and not tailored for mass consumption, is a testament to creativity and the ability to express oneself. With a distinctive style and personality, ‘Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ LOL’ should be on the shelf of anyone who has ever saluted an American flag, or has laughed at an anal sex joke.