Saturday, November 28, 2009

Son In Law (1993)

Son in Law is not Citizen Kane. It is not Seven Samurai. It’s not even Tokyo Story! It’s a silly, ridiculous comedy with wacky, exaggerated characters and several inane melodramatic moments to balance it all out. For what Son in Law is, it works.

Carla Guigino stars as Rebecca Warner, an innocent, naïve country girl who’s leaving her farm to go to college in the big city of L.A. Once there, she meets Pauly Shore’s ‘character’, Crawl (which is an awesome name, by the way). Crawl shows Rebecca what it means to be a college student in L.A by changing her into a complete whore. Rebecca becomes good friends with Crawl, and brings him home to her family for thanksgiving.

Unfortunately, the family doesn’t appreciate Crawl’s wild antics, especially Rebecca’s little brother, Zack (played by the fat ginger kid from The Sandlot). Things get worse when Rebecca’s old boyfriend proposes to her. Rebecca doesn’t want to marry him, so Crawl announces that Rebecca can’t get married to her old boyfriend because she’s already engaged to HIM. The rest of the film concerns Crawl trying to gain acceptance from Rebecca’s traditional parents, while all the while trying to avoid the revengeful behavior of her ex-boyfriend.

The plot is pretty engaging, and it keeps the viewer entertained the whole way through. Pauly Shore is his usual retarded self, but he’s unusually funny in this one (this was before the horrible ‘Bio-Dome’). He is at his least annoying in Son in Law, and the movie actually allows the audience to care about him, instead of wanting to strangle his dumbass.

This is probably Pauly Shore’s best movie (not counting the awesome ‘A Goofy Movie’). Even if you hate him, give Son In Law a chance, because he can be pretty funny in it at times. For example, Rebecca’s ex-boyfriend gets mad at Crawl and punches him in the face. Crawl falls onto the floor and cries. It’s not comedy gold, but it’s pretty funny and entertaining pulp, plus it’s nostalgic as hell.


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