Saturday, November 28, 2009

Star Trek (2009)

I saw the movie last night in theatres and, in my opinion, it’s fucking awesome. The action, the cinematography, and the acting was supurb, and the main characters were interesting and developed. Overall, it was a great picture.

This is a great film for anyone who hasn’t seen the original series. Take me for example, I’ve never watched a single episode of Star Trek nor seen any of the movies, yet there was not a single point in this movie where I felt bored or ill-informed.

The film is endlessly entertaining throughout. There’s a space battle in the beginning that really took my breath away with it’s intensity and style. Everything from the special effects to the music were flawless and effective. AFter the incredible opening sequence, I knew right from the start I would love the film.

After this, we’re introduced to the main characters, including the scene where a young Kirk drives the car off the cliff. While that scene was really cool, it wasn’t nearly as interesting as the introduction of Spock.

Now, in my opinion, Spock was a MUCH more interesting character that Kirk. Spock underwent a transformation over the course of the film. In beginning, he believes his human emotions get in the way of logic and effective leadership, but over the course of the film, he slowly realizes his humanity and learns to use his emotions to his advantage. Spock earned the audiences sympathy, and I felt myself cheering for his success from beginning to end. He really was a great character.

Please understand that I’m not saying Spock was the only good character in the film. John Cho as Sulu was a great casting decision. In the scene where He, Kirk skydive onto Vulcan was one of the best sequences in the film because of the visuals, sound, and the audience’s emotional response o the characters in danger. Another character I really liked was Simon Pegg as Scotty. You might know Simon from Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz, and it may come as no surprise that he serves a great comic relief.

Now, even though I think the film is wonderful, I do have several minor criticisms. My major problem is with the villain. The villain in this movie was under-developed and static. His motivations were confusing and hard to understand, and he was more cliché than the blonde jock bully in 17 Again (okay, maybe not). I understand that this movie was intended to introduce the heroes, and there wasn’t a lot of time to deleop the villain to the same degree that The Dark Knight had, but a little character development would have been nice.

Another problem I have is with the plot regarding time travel. It got really confusing, and the time they spent trying to explain it could have been better spent developing the villain’s character. If they had a more understandable and less-intricate plot, it would be much more accessible to the average movie-goer.

Overall, this is a grade-A summer blockbuster. It has everything one could want in an action movie; great characters, great effects, great sound, and great ending. I walked out of this movie feeling really good, and that should be the result of any summer blockbuster. I would give Star Trek 2009 a 9/10.

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