Saturday, November 28, 2009

Night Of The Demons (1988)

This was a limited release movie back in the 80’s, but it was extremely successful, raking in 3 million in Detroit alone. This movie had earned a sort of cult status since then mostly for its nostalgic value, but also because of the great music, humor, and low-budget charm.

The film starts with three teenagers abusing an old man. A girl named Judy tries to help the old bastard but he calls her a ‘little bitch’ and tells her to fuck off. He then swears revenge on them by putting razor blades into apples, which you’ll need to remember later on./ So we follow Sally home, where she takes off her pants and finds out her boyfriend is taking her to a Halloween party at a haunted house. Her smart-ass brother tells her ex-boyfriend, the wise-cracking Sal, where she’s going because I guess he still likes her or something.

The party is being thrown by a girl named Angela, who we see shoplifting from a store while her friend distracts the clerks with her hot ass. After some wise-cracks from Judy’s brother and picking up another couple, everybody makes their way to Hull House to party. While theyre in the car, it’s revealed that the house was the site of a grisly murder that was never solved ‘because there was too much blood’ he says. So after partying for a while the radio dies and they decide to look at themselves in the mirror to try and have a ceon. Little did the dumb bastards know that this released an evil demon who escapes from the furnace (in a scene that directly emulates the Evil Dead) and posseses the hot chick. After some clever one liners from Sal and Stooge, the fat guy, the black kid raj and one of the girls decides to leave. Unfortunately, they cant find the gate and have to wait in the car. Inside, the teenagers split up to find a quiet place to have sex, while the hot chick posseses her friend Angela.

After talking about Indian curses and burial grounds, the teens finally decide to have some sex, but Judy’s boyfriend pisses her off and gets none, he just locks her in a room. Downstairs, Angela is dancing for Sal, who basically walks away, while stooge comes in and starts making out with her. She bites off his tongue, and voila! Stooge is a demon zombie too. Sal goes into another room to find the hot chick rip open her shirt and shove lipstick into her tit, which was a very strange scene to say the least. So the teenager start dying one by one. Judy’s boyfriend gets his eyes gouged out, the hot asian chick gets her neck snapped, and stooge crushes the nerdy kid into a coffin. Outside, Rog, the black kid, starts flipping out when somebody throws a dead body on the car and runs back into the house.

Judy eventually gets out of the room and runs away from the demons for a while until coming to the roof. She falls off and is about to die when Sal tackles the zombie attacking her and falls to his death, which sucks because I really liked him. Judy falls too, but her fall is broken by the black kid Raj. Judy and Raj make their way to the furnace room where the demons were released. Eventually, the zombies get into the room, and while Raj sits and cries in the corner, Judy pulls a flamethrower out of her ass and blasts the shit out iof them. They both run to the gate and have to climb over using the barbed wire. Raj gets over but Judy is too slow and zombies start pulling her down. Luckily for her, Ral had super strength and pulled her over with one hand.

After all the zombies explode for some reason, Raj and Judy make their way back home. On their way we see the old man, who is eating apple pie for breakfast. Little did he know that the pie was made out of the razor blade apples, which he chokes on and dies. THE END!

Watching this movie I couldn’t help but think it wasd a homage to Evil Dead two, with the possesions, humor, and even the camera effect when the demon is flying through the house. This movie does, however, have a nostalgic and low-budget charm that has made it a cult classic. Everything from the music, style, to the way they talk and insult each other is totally eighties, and Im a big fan of the eighties.

There isn’t as much gore in this movie as I would like there to be, although the tongue biting scene and the eye gouging scene are both really well done and bloody. The zombies I think are really well done. The faces are evil and bloody and filled with sores and puss, kinda like the zombies is Evil Dead. The scene where the hot chick sticks a lipstick into her tit was really strange , but still well done because it looked so real. Another scene that was really cool was when Judy used the gas pipe as a flame thrower, even though it was really farfetched, even for this movie! Still, this low-budget horror flick from the eighties has scarier and more realistic effects then the cgi shit the have today.

The movie also had its fair amount of nudity and sex, just like most campy horror movies from the 80’s. Even the good girl Judy takes off her pants in the beginning. This is an element missing in modern horror movies, boobs and simulated sex! No horror movie should be without it.

If you’re a fan of horror, the 80’s, or low-budget thrillers, then Night Of The Demons is the movie for you. It’s funny, exciting, and nostalgic. Overall id give it a 9/10.

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