Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hardware (1990) Movie Review

A Perfect Storm of Awesomeness
Hardware (1990)
Rating: 8/10

Any movie featuring Lemmy Kilmeister of Motorhead can’t be bad. Any movie featuring violent kill-bots gone beserk, bad-ass space marines, and smokin’ hot sex scenes has to be fucking awesome. Hardware contains all of those elements and more, blending sci-fi and horror into one hell of an exciting ride.

Dylan Mcdermott, of “Hamburger Hill” and “In The Line of Fire”, stars as Moses, a space-marine on leave of duty from an intergalactic war. Having just returned to the now radiated world, he visits a Junker and acquires a strange, dismembered robot from a scavenger. He gives the robot to his inventive girlfriend Jill, played by Stacey Travis, who reassembles the bot by herself. Unfortunately, the robot turns out to be built specifically to exterminate enemies, and goes on a killing rampage. Also in the film is the voice of Iggy Pop as the hilarious radio DJ ‘Angry Bob’.

The true strength of Hardware lies in its outstanding visuals, especially its use of light and color. It’s a film best viewed in a darkened room where the viewer can be completely immersed in the images on the screen. The orange glow of the radiated outer world give the viewer a perfect idea of the stale atmosphere and intense heat, while the blue and gray lighting of the indoor scenes give it a chilling and claustrophobic ambiance.  A common shot used in the film is one of bright lights reflecting off an actors face, representing how humans have become one with technology, and also just looking really cool.

The special effects in this movie are great for a low budget 90’s sci-fi horror. Nothing beats a man being ripped apart at the waist, blood shooting from his torso. The set designs are great as well. Very quickly the viewer is introduced to the rustic futuristic, cyberpunkish world the characters inhabit. The costumes are convincing and don’t look fake or cheesy at all.

Hardware contains all the elements of a great cult film. A sci-fi horror from the early 90’s with likeable characters, an engaging plot, great special effects and visuals, a kick-ass soundtrack, top-notch casting, and epic deaths. Hardware is a gem worth checking out. 

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